Welcome to Crawford Acres Vineyard and Winery

About Us

Family Owned and Operated

What started as a passion for drinking great wine became a passion for making great wine.

The Vineyard

We planted our first vines in 2016 and hope to open our doors to the public as soon as 2021.  

Our Wines

Specializing in French-American Hybrids we offer full bodied reds, refreshing whites.  Wines from sweet to dry and from our vines to your glass.

We're working hard to get the doors open right now!

Opening 2021 (ish)

Check in here for updates on our progress.  We can't wait to have you drop by and taste the fruit of our labor!

Crawford Acres Vineyard and Winery

730 McClure Dr, Hayesville NC 28904

(770) 843-0902